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Productivity Consultant



I want to serve and add more value to your life than you ever dreamed possible; I make this possible for clients all over the world by developing and giving them – and now, you – personalized tools and strategies that you can use right now to simplify, streamline and organize your work, your career and your life.

Translation: I’m here to help you work simply and more fully.

Before we go further, let’s chat candidly about what ‘working simply’ means. My personal definition of ‘working simply’ goes beyond a clean inbox, a manageable to do list, a realistic calendar and efficient systems and processes.


Working simply means unlocking your possibility, potential, and purpose, so that your work is a full-bodied reflection of your most authentic self.

How do I do that? I don’t even think twice about yanking you out of the busyness club. That club has become such a strong force in our culture that we’ve lost sight of our ability to choose a different way of working. We are accountable for the time, energy and attention choices we each make every, single day. The busyness club’s legacy must be stopped because there’s too much at stake – family, friends, joy, big moments, small moments, game-changing career moves.

I am committed to supporting you in this effort because I understand personally it’s got the power to change your life.



I am a coach, productivity consultant, professional organizer and spiritual butt-kicker all rolled into one.

Born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina, I am a southern girl with a passion for building and creating. I built and sold my first company before I was 35. I have worked with some of the world’s largest brands helping them earn millions in additional revenue by developing highly productive, efficient individuals and teams.


I’m known all over the world for delivering the industry’s most innovative and highest quality productivity and personal development training.

I am called to serve; my team and I care deeply about you, your team, your organization, and all that possible for everyone involved. We are committed to not only helping you to achieve new, fresh, bold results, but also making sure the changes you make actually last beyond this quarter. Learn more about my company here.

Through my courses, products, programs, articles, books and speaking, you’ll learn simple, proven productivity strategies and techniques that work.


about-bio about-bio

I am a dynamic teacher, coach and productivity consultant known for igniting personal transformation and providing easy to implement, yet power-packed actionable strategies and tools. I am the creator of the Productivity Style Assessment® and the Work Smarter, Not Harder productivity program.

I am a internationally-renowned expert on workplace productivity and productivity consultant, whose views have been included in top-tier business media including Bloomberg Businessweek, CBS Money Watch, Fast Company, Forbes, The New York Times, Shape, USA Today, Working Mother and more. My first book, ‘Work Simply: Harnessing the Power of Your Personal Productivity Style’ was released in January 2015 by Penguin.

I hold a BA in psychology from Washington and Lee University, a Masters in Organization Development, and a Coaching Certificate from the McColl School of Business at Queens University.

Get your free ebook

Step One: Enter your info to get expert tools and coaching.

Get the best of the best, game-changing strategies I depend on to work simply & live fully.